Digital Life Recovery

TAYLORMARK is unlike any other data recovery service in our transparency, approach, and price. We have performed thousands of  data recoveries and have a very high success rate.

While data recovery is a service of last resort and can be very costly, you could spend twice as much or more for data recovery service from anyone else. In 2012 TAYLORMARK’s average price for a successful data recovery was $699.

While typical data recovery providers take 10 business days or more to complete standard service, TAYLORMARK Digital Life Recovery services are often complete in 2-3 business days. If you need your data sooner, TAYLORMARK has a 24/7 RUSH SERVICE option. Rush Service can in some circumstances yield a successful outcome within hours.

TAYLORMARK can also recover lost data from iPhone and Android devices. We regularly recover data from iPhone and Android devices that have been dropped, submerged in water, passcode locked, stuck in restore mode, or worse.  iPhone and Android device data recovery is priced between $299-$499.

Expert help is only a phone call away. Speak directly to a TAYLORMARK data recovery specialist @ (214) 552-0622.

Need more information or have a question regarding details? Click here to find answers to the most common questions on our Digital Life Recovery Q & A page .